My Fur Babies

UPDATE 7/7/12: Everyone is Doing Well

Sorry for the head tilt... They are celebrating the 4th of July 


Lucky - The New Addition
He was born on 9/12/2011
We named him Lucky because he really IS lucky to be alive. His mother, Cloie only had him and he was HUGE. His birth sack ripped while she was in labor and his life sustenance was draining away. Then almost 24 hours after she went into FULL labor, he finally popped out butt first.

Only minutes old - Mommy is exhausted


Lucky with is poppa Artie (tan) & Uncle Rockey


Fun at a Roadside Park

Driving alone on a US highway in Missouri just south of Kansas City, we spotted a well maintained park. It was a perfectly beautiful day. A nice cool breeze and warm bright sunshine topped off with the smell of fresh cut grass.

Play time commenced for Cloie, Rockey, and Artie. I could spend hours just watching them playing and so happy. I wish they could live forever in this blissful state.

Funny Faces

I put my little face in an ant pile for the first AND last time.

You talkin' to me??

Oh my aching head.

Cloie's disguises.


 I just love to sing.

 Say Cheeeese!!

What?!?!?! You're kidding, Beggin' Strips aren't really Bacon!!!