Monday, April 18, 2011


It seems like all you hear from the “Pro-Lifers” is how abortion is murder, abortion is killing babies, and the babies have rights too.
Well my question is, “How many babies, kids, and/or teens have they adopted? There are thousands of the unwanted in orphanages and foster homes all across the country. These unwanted children grow up seeing others around them adopted while they sit, waiting to be loved.
Then at the ripe old age of 18, they are turned away from the only place they have called home. They have gone their entire short lives never knowing a family bond, never knowing what it means to be loved or to give love in return.
It has been proven that these individuals usually turn to a life of crime because they have been institutionalized their whole lives and can never really function in a normal society. Many will even turn to drugs to escape the feeling of being unwanted.
Which is more cruel – ending a semi life before it even begins or force a being to live a life of solitude and a loveless/unwanted existence?
What about all the children that are thrown away in dumpsters like trash to suffer a long slow death? What about all the children that are abused by the parents that never wanted them and feel stuck with them, and then take out the hate they feel on these children?
How many of these children do the “Pro-Lifers” rescue or mentor or council? How many children from rape victims have they adopted and counseled?
Okay “Pro-Lifers” let’s say there is no more abortion for any reason, now what? Now what about the education, healthcare, housing, mental health, and general well-being of these children you forced to be born? What about the healthcare and mental health of the mother that was raped or a victim of incest?
Are you all NOW going to change your views on free healthcare? Are you all going to rush out and adopt a child or two or three? Or are these unwanted kids not your problem now that you have forced them to live their life as outcasts?


  1. I have to say that i see your point in part of this ,i think that abuse victims of rape or incest or violent crimes should fully have the right to end a pregnancy. on the other hand i think that if a women was just careless or not ready to be a parent should not have the same rights. being a mother myself at 18 and struggling i do understand its hard,but i choose to act carelessly and concieve a child. also having had an abortion as well in my life ,i think about it everyday, and feel it was the biggest mistake of my life! I think there is alot of uneducation about sex and safe sex and prevention and until people are willing to devote alot of time and energy in to that,abortion is part of our world. so im very on the fence on this subject having exsperiensed both sides....awesome topic,bringing awareness is the first step!

  2. You are a great blogger. Keep it up.
    Will wait for your new posts .

  3. Pro life--whose life--quality of life--whose decision--absurd--stay out of my bedroom. Who is going to pay for all these "full-term fetuses" when they weren't wanted in the first place?