Monday, April 18, 2011


In this country it’s illegal to be affiliated with gangs. Young men and women are tossed into jail if it is proven they are a gang member.
These gangs have certain colors they identify with, such as red and blue. Each gang has their own territory and tries to recruit new members to their gang to be bigger and more powerful than their rivals.
These gangs “collect” monies from businesses and individuals in their area for services, such as protection from other gangs. If they don’t pay what the gangs want, they will be extorted or robbed.
This sounds really familiar. It sounds a lot like the Republicans verses the Democrats. These two parties have even picked a color for their side. Red for the Republicans and blue for the Democrats.
Each side wants to collect money from their followers for services they promise to provide. If there are those that do not pay what is deemed enough, they send out their henchmen (IRS) to take it. It is taken in the form of liens and payroll garnishments, or even jail time.
Each side rallies in mobs decked out in their affiliated colors to plan how to take down the other side and how to recruit more into their party.
It just doesn’t seem like a big leap from street gangs to political parties, but maybe it’s just me.
When did it become wrong to think for yourself??


  1. so true! I have never thought about it that way.....makes you really think huh?

  2. Wow your blog is amazing. Keep it up.
    Will wait for your new posts .