Saturday, May 21, 2011

Promiscuity is A-OK as Long as No One Gets Paid

We live in a very schizophrenic society. Women and men can have as many sex partners as they wish and yes the woman will be looked at like a bad person and/or called names like slut or whore. Most men have it easier and at worst are looked at like playboys and/or not marriage material. These women and men can use their bodies to do any type of sex act they wish with whatever willing adult partner they wish. Where a problem occurs is if these same adults just happen to exchange monies.

You can go to a tattoo shop and have you entire body covered with ink and modify your body with embedded horns, balls and what not or pierce every inch of your face or lay on the plastic surgeons table to have triple H boob implants or even become another gender than what you were born as….Who the hell are these archaic people saying a man or woman can’t sell their own body if that is what they want to do? Why are they okay with drinking oneself into liver cancer or smoking until you can’t breathe without assistance? Could it be because of alcohol and tobacco lobbyists?

If the people outlawing prostitution would only crawl out of the asses of their political/religious views, they would see that legalization would drastically eliminate a lot of what they CLAIM is their reasoning behind making it illegal.

Regulations on prostitution would help keep down disease, crimes committed on these women and men, they would be more willing to get help for any addictions they may have, they would be more likely to come forward to report crimes, it would remove them from the prison system making room for real criminals like child molesters and rapists, they would now have to pay taxes on their earnings and would be contributing into society instead of being drains, and they could rely on the law enforcement for protection instead of abusive pimps and drug pushers. And after all, IT IS THEIR BODIES.

Why are there so many willing to go right along with those who want to mandate their view of morality? If a society never opens their mouth and just stay sheep, we will all be led to slaughter. Think to yourself, do you REALLY have an issue with prostitution, especially if it is regulated?!? Or has it been drilled into your head that prostitutes are bad people and this should be condemned? Are you thinking you don’t want to have your man/woman going to one so you want to ban prostitution?

In addition, porn is basically legal prostitution. It is the SAME thing people, with the exception of the acts being filmed and sold in a multi-billion dollar industry. So in reality as it stands today (excluding parts of Nevada) it is only legal to get paid for sex as long as you film and sell it. Wow, okay.

Oh, lest I forget, what do you think dating is all about?? Women are given things so they will sleep with the guy…um sounds a lot like prostitution to me. It is just more of a game instead of the sex part being right out on the table. How many of you have accepted dinners, flowers, gifts, and/or jewelry then slept with a guy and then you never see him again…??? I’m just saying, think about it?

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I've said the same thing about dating being like prostitution. Most people come down hard on me for it. I think the difference lies in whether the woman is having sex with her date because she feels he expect it, or if she's doing it because she actually wants to have sex too. If she's doing it because she wants to keep him, or because she thinks her date expects it, then she's basically a prostitute. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm just calling it what it is. And how many women sleep with their bosses in order to climb the corporate ladder? That's another form of prostitution. And you're right -- it's your body. You can sell anything you own, except your body. The government thinks it owns that.