Monday, May 2, 2011

Is It Wrong To Wish Death On Another

This is just a small post with a big question. Is it really wrong to wish for someone’s death, even those considered to be evil?

In some cases the answer seems to be, "No." Then I hear the word Karma in the back of my mind playing over and over again like a scratched CD.

I want to hope for the slow painful demise of child molesters and rapists. At times I want to know they are suffering more than their victims will have to suffer and relive every horrific moment over and over in their dreams and during every quite moment alone. I have the right? As a crime victim I say yes. As one that believes in Karma I am afraid to say yes. As a lover of humanity and rights for all the good creatures on this planet I say HELL YES!!

Those like Hitler, Bin Laden, Jim Jones, and every child molesting/rapist coward are only here to hinder and darken the growth and spirit of the rest of us. They want to feed on our light and souls, until the earth is full of nothing but the living dead.

So I feel in some instances it is perfectly acceptable and mandatory to hope for the death of others without Karma coming back to bit you in the ass.

Thank you brave soldiers!!!

So long Bin Laden, the planet is a better place without you.


  1. I agree with you. There are some crimes against humanity that are unforgivable in my eyes and death is the only option for justice.

  2. Hi, I have to agree with you. I must say, I sub-consciously asked myself the same question when this happened. I pondered over the stark reality that some people are just plain-evil. My daughter just happened to be visiting New York the day that Bin Laden was killed - and she went to ground zero to join in the gatherings there. It was such a historical moment. I do worry somewhat about retaliation because there are more terrorists obviously.

    Anyway, great post Heather. I agree with you completely. I'm gladed that he was hunted down and brought to justice.

  3. I think it's absolutely human to feel that way. And karma is something that is inescapable. So what goes around comes around, whether we wish it or not. Great post !

  4. i too find myself a little apprehensive to wish death on anyone,but given the bin ladens of the world i'll have to take my chances regardless of karma...the world is better place without him...great post!!!

  5. I agree with you I hope that the evil people who we have locked up suffer and live a long time suffering.