Saturday, June 1, 2013

Guest post by Karla Hoffman

What is a K-Cup of the Month Club?
By Karla Hoffman

A gourmet coffee club that offers k-cups of the month is a great way to enjoy your Keurig coffee brewer. There are over 200 types of coffee, tea, and flavored drink cups that are available for use with the Keurig single serve system. One of the benefits of Keurig versus traditional coffee maker is the ability to enjoy more than one type of coffee. You can brew your favorite and offer guests theirs within moments. The k-cups will vary packages come in a variety of sizes depending on the brand and flavor. Though small sample sizes are sometimes available, the standard size is 24. Joining a program like k-cups of the month gives you the chance to experience flavors you may never have wanted to commit to. Each day brings the opportunity to taste something completely new. You may discover a new favorite or two.

K-cup coffee is available in a variety of roasts from light to dark and in many distinct flavors. The choices are seemingly endless and can deter you from trying something new. Flavored coffees are another way to add variety to your daily cup of Joe. Flavors are distinct and can be enjoyed with minimal added sweetener and can vary depending on season. With a coffee club, you get the chance to try k-cups from well-known brands such as;
    ü  Starbucks
    ü  Green Mountain
    ü  Wolfgang Puck
    ü  Newman’s Own
    ü  Tully’s
    ü  And many others!

Epicurean coffee club memberships also make a great gift for any coffee lover. Even the fussiest of coffee lovers can appreciate this gift, month after month. They will be pleased with the variety of seasonal flavors along with the traditional roasts.

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