Monday, May 27, 2013

Guest Post By Deana Clark

Let's Dish Review

Let's Dish offers several ways for you to enjoy their delicious and healthy meals.  You can do an in store session, have them assemble the meals for you, order online or stop by and purchase your meals.

What Makes Them Unique?
What makes them unique is that they offer so many ways for you to get your meals.  They have options to suit just about every budget and every lifestyleTheir in-store session allows you to make family sized dishes in quantities of 4, 8 or 12.  Each serving will serve 4-6 people.  You place your order online, go into their facility to make your homemade meals and enjoy them at home.

The Dish N Dash option is for those who are too busy for the in-store option.  Dish N Dash allows you to place your order online along with any special instructions you may have and the company prepares them for you.  All you need to do is stop by their store and pickup your assembled meals.

Dish Delivery comes in 4 or 8 dishes that are professionally assembled and delivered to your home or office.  You place your order online and everything is packages and shipped for next day delivery. 

The Ready Mades option allows you to stop into Lets Dish and purchase from their stocked inventory of entrees, sides and desserts.

What Type of Foods Do They Sell?
Let's Dish sells a wide variety of dishes include poultry dishes, seafood dishes, pork dishes, beef dishes, vegetarian dishes, brunch dishes and desserts.  Their chicken dishes include Chicken Casablanca in Grilled Pitas are chicken tenders with a Moroccan sauce topped with peppers and onions and served in pita pockets and Calypso Chicken with Grilled Pineapple which are boneless chicken breasts with a marinade and served with grilled pineapple chunks.

Seafood dish of Southwestern Chipotle Shrimp Bowl is sweet and spicy shrimp served with exotic grains and fire roasted veggies and drizzled with lime sauce.  Ranch Steak Wraps are on their beef menu and consists of shredded beef, tomatoes and corn wrapped in a tortilla and ranch sauce

Luau Pork with Coconut Rice is one of their pork dishes made with marinated pork roast served over coconut rice.  For a nice vegetarian dish, try the Portabella Mushroom Sandwich which is made with mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette dressing and served on oat topped rolls with feta cheese.

For brunch, enjoy an Orange Croissant French Toast made with croissants filled with orange marmalade and cream cheese.  Enjoy a Frozen Lemonade Pie for dessert.

Where Do They Deliver?
They deliver to Baltimore and Columbia Maryland, Metro areas of NJ and NY, Alexandria, Ashburn and Fairfax Virginia and cities in Minnesota like Apple Valley, Blaine, Edina, Eden Prairie, Woodbury and Maple Grove.

Are the Foods Prepared or Does the Customer Need to Cook Them?
The foods are freezer ready and do need to be cooked by the customer.

What Specials Do They Have?
The company offers various specials that change each month and vary by location.  For example, Girls Night is on of their special events.  You bring a friend for an in-store session and receive a free double pack of Decadent Molten Chocolate Cakes.  Special offers do not need any special Lets Dish Coupons.  They also have a rewards program that requites no special Lets Dish Coupons.

Is Their Website Easy to Navigate?
The website of the company is easy to navigate.  They have links to all their pages on the left hand side of the page.  They also have Lets Dish Reviews spread out throughout the site.  The Lets Dish Reviews are from actual customers.

Is Their Foods Fresh or Frozen?
Their foods are frozen when they are delivered.  If you do in-store, foods are fresh. 

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