Monday, April 18, 2011


There is a group of individuals that feel homosexuals just have a birth defect and/or are suffering a mental deficiency.
This thinking is born out of the medical definition of birth defect – “Any defect present in a baby at birth, irrespective of whether the defect is caused by a genetic factor or by prenatal events that are not genetic.” (from -
Well, going by this definition, twins are essentially defects. This sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Twins are nothing but a birth defect.
It is just as ludicrous to attribute this unintelligent theory toward the homosexual community. I mean, if this world were to give into the archaic religious zealots, twins, triplets, geniuses, albinos, and homosexuals alike would all have to be stricken from the planet.
In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association agreed that homosexual tendencies were NOT a mental dysfunction or illness. Thus they removed homosexual as an illness from the, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
Why can’t the religious and conservative dogmatists do the same? There are miles of medical research supporting that most gay people are in fact born that way.
If these religious based groups believe God is perfect and made and is in control of all thing; why is it so hard to concede that gays individuals are not mistakes or sinners any more that a twin?
Why do they okay some “sins,” such as drinking alcohol and premarital sex? Who are they to mandate their morals when, if God came down and asked for just ONE to come forward who is without sin, the world would not be able to move a muscle!
These same groups were the ones that were against interracial marriages a short 40 years ago. It was the Loving case brought to the Supreme Court that made it legal (more information can be found at

My hopes are that one day the gay and lesbian community will have their own “Loving Day” as my husband and I do.


  1. I hope for the same thing! I think people who use religion as an excuse to judge homosexuals or anyone else are hypocrites. They speak the words of God yet they don't completely live by them because they are judging instead of letting God be our judge so they are just as sinful as far as their own beliefs go. It's ridiculous.

  2. I AGREE!people using GOD's name to promote hate and ignorance and even violence are hipocrites and make me sick! great blog piece:)

  3. Wow your blog is amazing. Keep it up.
    Will wait for your new posts .