Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lesbian Plot to Force Hetero-Women to Abort Babies

Many are familiar with the Christian program, The 700 Club and its host Pat Robertson. What you may not be aware of, if you do not watch the show, is how extreme the 81 year old TV evangelist is against the homosexual community, even for right-wing conservatives.

He has made outrageous claims in the past, such as Haiti’s devastating earthquakes were the result of God’s punishment because long ago they made a pact with the devil. I know, what?!? He must have never seen Haiti and the poverty there. What could the pact have been; “Oh, please devil make us as poor as possible?” Ridiculous.

Everyone wrote him off saying, “He is just an out of touch miserable old man.” Now Robertson has gone on another bizarre tirade once again. This time it was directed at lesbian women.

Archaic Robertson along with co-host Terry Meeuwsen (aka his all-agreeing puppet), spouted that lesbian women for some strange reason cannot have children. Have they not heard of in vitro fertilization (IVF), not to mention all the other options for “having” a baby?

Pat says, “The far left is livid about killing babies. They want to do this. They want to destroy…If a woman is a lesbian, what advantage does she have over a married woman? Or what deficiency does she have?”

Meeuwsen robotically replies, “She can’t have children.”

Then Robertson goes on, “That’s exactly right. And so if these married women can’t, don’t have children; if they abort their babies, then that kind of puts them on a level playing field.”

WHAT?!?! There is no plot to guilt or force married heterosexual women into abortions. There is a plot however to breed hate and seethe distain toward fellow humans that just want the right to love.

It seems to me the only one who wants to destroy is Pat and his sidekick. They want to destroy the rights and the spirit of lesbian women struggling for equal rights.

Why does he have such a problem with gays? They just want to be able to be by the side of their loved ones on their death bed and not get kicked out after visiting hours are over. They just want to be able to marry the love of their life. They just want to have a family and grow old with their soul mate.

Why does this bother Pat so much and the other that are like him? Are they envious because they are too afraid to come out of the closet? Are they just hate mongers and since it is not “politically correct” to hate races, but it is still acceptable to hate sexual orientation, this is where they spew their hate laced message?

Pat Robertson is a prime example why the human race has floundered as far as TRUE advancement. We are still far too divided on the little things in life, like other consenting adult’s bedrooms, to ever obtain the ability to explore the reaches of space or cure cancer or AIDS. It takes a united world to have a truly advanced world society.

Maybe one day the gay/straight issues will be a non-issue. I would love to see this in my life time, but unfortunately it is doubtful.

Tell me, what are your thoughts?


  1. You hit the nail on the head. If i had a nickel for everytime the hypocricy of a closeted person has been brought to the surface after their hate tirade,i'd be pretty wealthy.The Pat Robertsons of the world are useless strains on a progressive forward thinking society...great post,keep fighting the good fight.

  2. The man makes me ill. I have my faith the the faith I have does not include fear and hate.