Monday, April 25, 2011


Women in many parts of this country seem to feel they have to put on an act just to be in interracial relationships…WHY?!?! And why aren’t these men offended?!?!

I have had several friends that have changed their whole personality when they are around their African-American boyfriends and change back to theirselves as soon as they leave or are around their family. This is just ridiculous.

My husband is Black-American as were many of my boyfriends in my dating years, and NOT once did I change my personality.

I have witnessed these “women” go from, “Hey how are you?” to “Waz up foo?” and back again. They must sit at home watching gangster movies and practicing Ebonics [Ebonics, another insult I will post about later].

Men should find this behavior as a huge insult. They should be asking themselves, “Why does this woman feel she has to act like she speaks sub-standard English just to be around me? Does she feel I am less intelligent than her?”

The other observation I have made is this is usually only with White-American women. For some reason they feel the need to fake it where women of other races do not.

I mean, do these women feel the men they are seeing are less than them in some way and can only relate to them if they pretend to speak Ebonics? Is it low self-esteem or a superiority complex?

Come on women, just be yourself and you may find the Mr Right you have been looking for instead of Mr. Wrong. How do you expect for the men you are seeing to respect or really know who you are if you are only showing the fake you?

I would really love to know the psychology behind this. Does anyone out there have any thoughts?


  1. i have witnessed that as well. I know men and women who are truly themselves no matter what ethnicity,religion,ect,thier man or women is, and i have much respect for them. i think you should be your true self no matter who you are with. you made a great point,how are you suppossed to meet mr or miss "right" if you are not being honest with who you are. alot of it is being insecure or young or just ignorant...i am 28 and just realy findind out who the real "me" my advice to women or men out there is ,save yourself lots of heartache or headache and just be genuine and honest and true to yourself first and when your confident with yourself it will surely attract that someone thats "right"..great topic

  2. Wow your blog is amazing. Keep it up.
    Will wait for your new posts .

  3. Ive added your blog to my new blog listing here on blogger - when I have time I will add it to my main site, but it may take a little while. I really like what you have so far, keep it up.

  4. Ashley Chere RichardsMay 17, 2011 at 3:03 PM

    I think these women do not know who they are and in trying to figure it out they lose themselves completely.... I, myself, have three inter-racial kids and you will NOT hear me talking like that; nor my children for that matter. Whether it's insecurity or ignorance these women need to learn who they are and how to love themself before they can expect someone else to.

  5. @ Ashley - exactly!!!