Monday, June 4, 2012

Bridget Blonde Interview Excerpt

The following is an excerpt of an interview of Bridget Blonde after the photo shoot with Rebecca Handler. Her modeling credits include music videos, CD covers, pin up modeling and tattoo modeling. She was very warm, bubbly and personable. She jokes about her memory and getting confused about the questions and her love of the Pit Bull dog breed. She graciously stayed for the interview even though it had been a long day on the shoot. The interviewer seemed to be having fun with her and the questions. There will surely be many more interviews with her throughout her career and this excerpt will leave you wanting more.

From here on, the interviewer will be referred to as I: and Bridget as B:

I: Thanks for coming.
B: Yeah, of course.

I: How was the Rebecca Handler photo shoot?
B: It was very intense, but it was totally amazing. She was amazing. Her crew was amazing. Everything about the whole thing was amazing. It was a lot of fun, I can’t wait to see the photos.

I: You are originally from Houston, TX?
B: mmhmm

I: Then you moved to L.A.?
B: Yes.

I: What brought you to L.A.?
B: Um, well I had my first pin up shoot when I was like 23 and all of a sudden it was like a light bulb went off and I was like this is what I was supposed to be doing and I have dabbled in modeling for… Didn’t take it seriously… Kinds chewed me up and spit me out kind of thing. Um, so, I guess I found a niche that I felt I could be comfortable in and then grow as a model. I never really thought that it would be what I would be doing for a career, but I can’t complain. Ant time I don’t want to do it I’m just like really, people are taking your picture, you should stop complaining. So, I try not to.

I: How nice is it to have you hair, nails and makeup done for a shoot? It must be nice to be pampered?
B: That’s always fun. Very true.

I: What is your favorite thing about being on a shoot?
B: Um, well, today the teamwork between the crew is just so organized and you can tell they work together a lot. Um, a lot of the times when I shoot it’s a photographer, me and my makeup artist. Uh, so, today I have so many people on set it was just… I guess teamwork would really be what I think is awesome on a shoot.

I: With all the different credits to your name in print work, like pin up, shoe model and wig model, what is your favorite?
B: Right now I wouldn’t say there is something in particular I like to do most. I really like to do anything and everything that comes at me, simply because I like a challenge. So, if you can come to me with an idea that I haven’t done, then I want to do it. Even if it is something I’ve already done, I want to challenge myself and find a way to make it so much different. So, I… I don’t know what my favorite really… That was the question, right? [laughing] It’s been a long day!

I: Well thanks for staying.
B: Yeah of course. 

I: How does print verses music videos differ for you?
B: Well, it is easier to ask a photographer what you look like in that one photo as opposed to, “Hey, can you just play back that whole part you just filmed and show it to me only, since I am the only person here?” Yeah, it’s not like that. So, you just have to trust, I guess, yourself. So, um, I guess the difference is…You know what; I keep getting so confused on the questions. I am like brain dead right now. [laughing]

I: You like to video blog and even promoted your calendar on YouTube.
B: I shot a calendar. We shot it in four days. It was extremely hectic. It was kind of like a day like today where you have three different looks and, but do that for four days in a row. You basically eat, sleep, nothing like that calendar. It was rough, but it turned out to be a really great project and people loved it and it was like poster size. So, everything was great.

I: Are the calendars still available?
B: I have like twenty left.

I: Are they at Bridget365?
B: No, you have to actually contact me now.

I: Due to the limited supply?
B: Yeah. So, but you can you know, bridgetblonde@gmail... Oh crap, wrong email. [laughing] I probably shouldn’t put my email on it though. I have like a fan email so that’s why…

I: Can you be contacted through you website,
B: Yeah-Yeah. My website is changing right now so, it’ll be more of a one-stop shop. Um, I mean I just came out with a clothing company. I do a lot of streetwear stuff for The Hundreds. So, now I have my own. 

I: Didn’t you just do sunglasses add for The Hundreds?
B: mmhmm They are Blue Rain Phoenix. Really cool.

I: Didn’t you have to wear a lot of latex for it?
B: Uh, I actually wasn’t really wearing anything. I just had blue paint. It was just regular water-based paint, yeah. Nobody thought of, “Hey, what are we going to do with Bridget when we are done with this.”

I: How long did it take to come off?
B: Uh, it took a while. I went home with some still on me.

I: Did you feel like a Smurfette? 
B: Yes. I had blue toenails for a while and the nail lady was like, “You are going to have to have black toes for a while.” Oh, well good thing I like it.

I: So, you are into the Pit Bull dog breed?
B: I am an avid Pit Bull lover and supporter. Anything I can do to get the message out that, you know, it’s… Yeah, some of it is in the breeding and some of it you cannot save, but for the most part you can still give them a life. You know like even if they are… the ones that are “bad,” you can still, just you know… They can still go somewhere. They don’t have to be put to sleep. And its… I don’t know… I just… Both of my Pit Bulls are rescues.

As anyone can tell from this interview, beauty does not have to mean stuck up and self-absorbed. Bridget has had a lot of success in the modeling and music video world, but has retained a funny and down to earth attitude. It is great to see such a gorgeous person inside and out. The interviewer really seemed to appreciate that she was willing to take time out of her busy day to speak candidly with him. She is just a real pleasure to look at and listen to. She is going to be around for a long time to come and her fans can’t wait to see what is next for Bridget.

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